Lauren's family have moved house very suddenly, and she and her sister Tilda have to go to a new school. Lauren is determined to reinvent herself, but she's panic stricken when she sees Harry, who she knew a few years ago. Luckily Harry obviously doesn't recognise her, and she knows she has to make sure it stays like that. Unlike Tilda, Lauren settles in well. She makes friends, is helping to organise the school fashion show and has boys asking her out. But just as her life finally seems to be looking up she starts receiving macabre presents. When she gets the message: 'Isn't it time your new friends knew all about you?' she has to admit that someone knows her secret. But who - and what should she do?

A beautiful and important story that every young adult and not-so-young adult should read. (Page To Stage Reviews)


To blend empathy and comedy in writing about an area that remains beyond the direct experience of most is something of a tour de force. (Books For Keeps) 


I cannot remember when I enjoyed a young adult book more and Lauren's secret kept me guessing throughout. (Nudge) 


I'm always jealous when I hear writers say things like, 'this novel came to me in a dream' or 'the idea flashed into my head, fully formed in Sainsbury's car park'. It never happens like that for me. I usually plough through a multitude of half formed scenarios until one of them sticks and - probably more importantly - my editor (and the marketing department of course!) think it's something people might be interested in reading about.

As the blurb suggests, at the heart of 'Only We Know' is a secret. I certainly don't want to give it away here, but what I can say is that - for the first time in my writing life - the idea for the book came out of a chance conversation, two Christmas dinners ago, with an inspiring young person who was also kind enough to help me with my research.

There are a million and one different ways to tell the same story. What was important to me was that before the reader discovers Lauren's secret, they get to know her as a person first. How often do we judge people when we know absolutely nothing about them?


You can even buy an 'Only We Know' mug. All profits help support UKYA events throughout the country.