'comin 2 gt u' is also the story of Sam's Grandad and his battle to come to terms with a secret from his wartime past. When it came to research I was lucky enough to be be able to consult my Dad, Maurice, (he's the one on the left) who served in The Royal Navy in World War Two. His ship HMS Sirius didn't go down, but it was badly bombed and he's lucky to be alive today. (I suppose I am too!)

I'm also lucky enough to be the first man in three generations from my family who hasn't fought in a World War.This is a photograph of my Dad's parents during the First War. His father looks particularly gloomy after a torrid time on The Somme. He died just before my Dad was born, having never really recovered from being gassed in the trenches.

The little boy is my Dad's older brother, George. He often amused me by pretending to pull off the 'finger' he'd already lost in the war. He also told a story I used in 'comin 2 gt u'. After his ship, The Indomitable was attacked by German planes, Uncle George was so badly wounded that he hovered between life and death for several days. At the bottom of his bed he saw a group of his old shipmates beckoning at him. After he recovered, he realised they were the men who'd died in action.