One of the themes of 'comin 2 gt u' is cyber-bullying. Although mobile phones and the internet weren't invented when I was at school, I have a pretty good idea of how Sam, the main character in the book, must have felt, having been bullied myself when I was in what they now call Year 8. In fact, I was so scared that I faked illness for a whole term so I didn't have to go to school. (Maybe I'm not such a bad actor after all!)

It was only when I ended up having tests in the local hospital that I realised I'd have to tell my parents. I'll always be grateful to Mr Gardiner, the music teacher, for sorting things out. It didn't get better straightaway, but in the end I started enjoying school again.

If you are being bullied, there are two things I think you should remember.

1. It's never your fault. No one deserves to be picked on.

2. Don't suffer in silence. It's a myth that things get worse if you tell someone. Until a person you trust knows what you're going through, they can't help.

Ironically there is loads of advice about handling bullying on-line. That's why I've added a link to the Childline website.


A random picture of my first day at school. How happy my sister looks!

Click here for the Childline website